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JHM Introduces the long awaited JHMotorsports Oil Cooler and Auxiliary Radiator Delete Kit for the B6-B7 S4!!!

We've been testing this kit on our Shop S4s since 2008 and have installed a number of these kits for local customers. After a lengthy Research and Development process, we are ready to fully release this kit.

At JHMotorsports we have known for a long time that the OEM Air to Water Oil Cooler on these cars creates a lot of hot air and is the reason why many "Cold Air Intake" kits don't work. The Auxiliary Radiator creates heat that most kits end up sucking into the intake tract. Our JHM Oil Cooler and Auxiliary Radiator Delete Kit is the solution for this issue that deletes this radiator while also improving oil cooling and oil capacity.

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Our kit includes a custom CNC machined adapter plate that installs behind the alternator and replaces the OEM Water Cooled adapter. This Oil Cooler kit is thermostatically controlled with a high-quality Mocal 180 degree F thermostat. It includes everything shown in the photo above including stainless braided hoses with AN fittings, an upgraded Oil Cooler, Mounting Kit for the Cooler, and an upgraded Power Steering Cooler.

Additional Images:

NOTE: Since this kit uses a lot of the same parts found in our JHM Stage 1 Supercharger kit, if you upgrade to this kit before you buy our JHM Stage 1 Supercharger Kit, we'll credit the majority of your Oil Cooler Kit purchase towards the price of your Supercharger Kit. Below is a picture of one of our customer's JHM Supercharged B7-S4s with our Oil Cooler Kit Installed:

We have designed this kit to be upgradable and have made it so you can run any size Oil Cooler core that will fit behind your bumper. The core we supply with the Kit measures 5 inches by 13 inches by 2 inches and will keep oil temperatures at optimal levels, even in extreme conditions. One of the first cars to have this kit ran it during open road racing in 90 degree F temperatures and only saw oil temperatures of about 250 degrees F.

If you are interested in this kit and have questions or would like help placing an order, feel free to give us a call at (209) 968-0077 or shoot us an email at Sales@JHMotorsports.com.