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    DIY: B6 A4 - Ultrasport Lower Front Bumper with Stock Upper

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    1) remove bumper from car. remove lower "half" from upper. I put half in quotes b/c as you see, the upper part extends the whole height of the bumper:

    2) cut away any parts that will interfere with the ultrasport lower lip sitting flush. I used a utility knife and a dremel. I cut away more than I needed to it turns out, mostly from the section that separates the center grille area from the L/R grilles:

    this is about how much I cut away:

    here's a closeup of the trimming required near the fogs (same on boths sides so I'll just post one pic:

    make sure everything fits:

    the two center beams of the U/S lip (for lack of a better term) won't fit on top of the upper bumper because the curvature is a little different. You could cut them some, but I didn't want to lose any more structural support, so I didn't worry about it.

    once I was satisfied with the fit, I went ahead and painted black the areas that would be visible once the U/S lip was fitted, the fog surrounds and the 2 center supports. Note that you don't need to paint the fog surrounds if you are using the stock USP fog grilles.

    While I was waiting for that to dry, I went to work on the grilles. I used .75" expanded metal mesh from Home Depot, $15 or so.

    I created cardboard templates since I don't have the U/S grilles to use as a guide. It took a lot of trimming with the dremel, and after I was happy with the fit, I painted them with Plasti-dip rubberized coating ($5 at HD). 3 coats, 30 mins in between coats, let dry overnight. The center grille opening is 27" but the grille sheet is only 24" (largest I could find), so I had to use tiny zip ties and some epoxy to attach two pieces together. Fortunately the ends are cut right down the center of a diamond, so matching them up was no problem. I'd be willing to bet you can't tell where the break is.

    I used self-adhesive rubber door trim as a border for the grilles, don't have any pics of it separate, but it was about $12 for a 25' roll.

    back to the main event. Once the black paint on the stock upper bumper is dry, it's time to attach the U/S lower lip. I used a combination of epoxy, zip ties, and machine screws. I drilled one hole in each of the tabs on the U/S lip, 1 hole on each side of the two center beams, and two holes on each side where the U/S lip attaches near the fogs.

    After the holes were drilled, I mixed up some epoxy and spread it on the stock upper bumper on the areas where the U/S lip would overlap. Then I attached the U/S lip and secured it with the zip ties before the epoxy dried.

    here's the back side of one of the center beams showing the zip tie:

    here's another showing the back side of the fog lamp area:

    Next I drilled 1 hole through each of the center supports straight through the U/S lip. I used a small machine screw with washers on either side and a nut on the bottom (with threadlock of course).

    pic of the screw from the "top":

    and one from the bottom. I dremeled off the excess screws at the nuts after I took the pic

    and that's it for the bumper. There are NO issues with the U/S lip not being secure, even with the amount of cutting done. It doesn't wobble or sway or move an inch even at or above highway speeds.

    Attaching the grilles was pretty easy. I cut them to fit pretty eactly so they fit snugly and really didn't need anything to secure them, but I used a few tiny zip ties just to be sure. Sorry no pics of that as my camera sucks and none of them turned out. The side grilles you have to attach *after* the bumper is put back on the car unless you have mad skills.

    Here's some gratuitous pics of how it turned out, from various angles in the daylight:


    driver front 3/4:

    pass front closeup:

    pass side w/refinished wheels:

    and some more current pics, with blacked-out upper grille trim and S4 e-codes:

    Thanks for reading, and please post/email/IM me with any questions. I'm sorry more of the pics didn't turn out.

    **Disclaimer: semi-professional modder on a closed course. Do attempt this at home.
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