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October 17, 2018
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Experience Audi virtually at the IAA

Experience Audi virtually at the IAA

September 9, 2011 - Courtesy of Audi AG
  • Online tour through the brand's motor show presence
  • Photorealistic display and extensive range of information
  • Proprietary app and mobile press portal with special services for the on-site visit
At Audi, the gates to the IAA 2011 are already opening today: At, users can go on a virtual tour through the brand's show hall that has been set up especially for the occasion. Even before the opening of the IAA, the Audi brand's whole exhibition is presented here - down to the last detail in almost photorealistic quality, and therefore almost like a real visit. And for the on-site visit to Audi at the IAA, the Audi IAA 2011 app turns your own smartphone into your personal information portal and audio guide. All important information for representatives of the press is made available very quickly and conveniently at the mobile portal

With the virtual tour Audi makes it possible to experience the IAA at home. The Internet user has access to nearly all the same possibilities and impressions as during an on-site visit: It is possible to move through the brand's exhibition in any sequence, view all the displayed vehicles and exhibits from any desired perspective, and even attend presentations given by Audi at the IAA. In addition, it takes only a mouse click to access an abundance of information and technical data about the displayed models and Audi technologies.

The virtual tour also shows architectural details with almost photorealistic precision and impressive image quality - all the more interesting since this is the first time Audi will exhibit in its own temporary exhibition hall, which gives the brand a three-dimensional feel, and will also provide its own integral test track. Even the online tour gives the user a 360-degree view of the brand's spectacular architecture. This is achieved by using four different camera perspectives as the user moves through the virtual exhibition, simulated by using the data records of the building and the exhibits.

For the live on-site visit at the IAA, the premium carmaker supplies the Audi IAA 2011 app for the iPhone, the iPod touch and all Android devices. The app turns the smartphone into an audio guide that accompanies the visitor through the brand's exhibition. To download more detailed information about specific vehicles and technologies, all the visitor needs to do is use his smartphone to scan the QR codes of the particular exhibition sections. The app furthermore gives visitors a chance to win a chauffeured ride on the Audi test track at the IAA by registering personally. The Audi IAA 2011 app will be available when the motor show opens in the Apple App Store and in the Android Market.
Experience Audi virtually at the IAA
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