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    RNS-D and RNS-E...what are the main difs?

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    ok so im thinking of either getting the RNS-D or RNS-E, there is a huge price difference between the two of these. what exactly are the main differences between these two navi systems?

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    Simply put, the RNS-D is the older EU Nav+ released first in the B5 A4/S4 and the older A3 and later spread to B6 in Europe. It was never available here in states however with some serious wiring it was possible to be used in the B6. I had this in my car almost 2 years ago and found it quite useful being that I had never really experieinced a navigation before. Many things caused problems one being fact you could not route off map discs. Fact that US and CA was broken up into 11 CD's made it an effort to get from one state to another which cross map discs. Example being say you are on LI, NY and want to drive to say Atlantic City, NJ. Close on a map unfortunately they are not on same disc. Since this is fact you cannot route a trip to the end destination. Other things that come to mind is AM reception basically not there at all. Screen res is a lower quality than RNS-E not to mention inches smaller. Features since as compass and directional arrows are available but only by toggling not on main screen. If I am giving my personal opinion the price difference is well worth it. Not just from aesthtic viewpoint but form and function hands down the RNS-E wins. In addition we are talking 30 minute novice install compared to 4-8 hour advanced install. Average person will struggle to get this put together.


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