Hello! I'm "not from around here", I have a B8 A4 but have been lusting after an S4. And I'm trying to negotiate with my bank account as to whether I should be lusting after a B8 or 8.5.

Owning the A4 I'm pretty familiar with the B8 MMI system. And I've read some about the changes in the 8.5 system but am confused by a couple of things.

First, I've read that the newer system "can" come with Google maps, and that it "does" come with Google maps. Are there some that don't have that?

Second, the map data, is it stored locally? What I'm really asking is whether the car needs a cellular connection for the maps to work. If I'm going to have to spend $50/month or more to have working nav that's a minus for me.

And last, one thing that drives me nuts about the B8 system is how it doesn't remember settings. Every time I get in the car I have to make 9 button presses / wheel "clicks" to (re-)activate shuffle on the media player and display the nav map instead of the "set destination" screen. Is the B8.5 system any better in that respect?