I am currently running the Burger Motorsports JB4 piggyback on my 2018 S6 and would like to give it a little more airflow. To keep a stock look, i was planning on the RS7 airbox and either the Rs7 intake hoses to the stock turbos, or the Silly Rabbit Motorsports short tubes to the RS7 box. The RS7 intake hose has a larger inside diameter than the S6 tube, but seems to bolt up correctly to the s6 turbos as does the SRM tube. Do any of the RS7 guys that have done the SRM conversion remember the inner diameter difference between the SRM tubes and the stock tubes you replaced. The SRM short tubes should connect up to the RS7 box and boot kit with no issues except for installation hassles and tweaks to the engine cover as posed elsewhere? Have any S6 guys done the RS7 intake tubes to RS7 box? Issues?
Thanks in advance.