Just a heads ups for the Audi/VW people near metro Atlanta.

I put a 2001 Audi A6 Automatic in their shop to have the transmission rebuilt.

This shop is the worst experience in the automotive industry i have ever had. I was given a low price "I should of known better" to get me in the door only to find out a $1,900 turned into a $2,798.89 job.

I had to constantly call them to get updates on my vehicle and i was convinced that my vehicle had become a flying vehicle because for one month it was being levitated by a metal supporting device.

I had asked them to do a timing belt job and agreed i would pay them for it and they never would give a price for said additional work.

Upon taking back my car they claimed the starter was bad and could not finish the repairs, this was false information and was due to a starter signal wire being hooked up on the starter wrong. I had to fix this myself and finish the fluid fill myself as well and i hope the transmission is fine from here on out.

They took my warranty away which i paid for. because i would not let them replace a starter that was not bad and would not listen to me on what could be a wrong.

I have filed a BBB complaint and going from there to try to recoupe some of my money spent.

i do not recommend them at all and should have looked further into their reviews before doing business with them.

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