Hi there,

I purchased an Audi 4.2 V8 40V BFM code intending to swap into a VW T3. now, been following up on Nollywoods thread on the various swaps he did but got lost ultimately on the chosen approach that he settled on in regards to the ECU. I plan to retain the D3 harness since it makes my work much easier plus I also don't have to worry about matching it to a certain Audi platform. One thing I got was that Automatic ECU configs tend to have the rev hang issue and are not as smooth in gear changes. This i did notice in one of my previous swaps with the 2.8 V6 30v. This makes me worry about using the stock ECU that came with the BFM engine. As far as i can tell, the BFM came with only the Auto. Questions are:

Will an ECU from the S8 D2 platform e.g: AVP engine code work with the BFM engine?
Will soft coding it with VCDS ideally make it a manual trans config ECU?
Are there any other ECU options out there?
As both ECUs are ME7.1.1 , can i safely assume that the ECU pin outs are the same?

*Edit- I just realised that I should have probably placed this question in the tech section in the first place and thus have double post in the A8 section. Admins, kindly delete in the A8 section if not relevant( and no response). Mea culpa