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    Regarding purchasing Audi Care...

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    Dear Audi Customer Experience,

    I have a 2015 s3... car's running great and I was wondering how much remaining Audi care i have on my car, but also if I may purchase more Audi care for my car till it reaches a higher mileage. How would I go about getting this possibly and just wanted to know if this was something I could work out with Audi.

    Thank you.

    Best, helicon.

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    Thank you for reaching out! I'm more than happy to assist you with this. First off, I can check to see the remaining coverage that's available on your Audi Care plan based on the VIN of your vehicle, feel free to send that over to me whenever you have the chance. We also have the Audi Care Select plan which you are able to purchase after the eligibility of the Audi Care Plan expires and is intended to service your vehicle effectively as it reaches higher mileages. There's more information available here: but I would prefer to discuss the situation in more depth with you so we can find what would be best suited to your circumstances. I look forward to receiving your message!

    Kind regards,
    Vincenzo F.

    Audi Social Community Manager


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