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    $1800 for brakes?

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    I have a 2015 Audi S3 and when I took my car in for my 35k mike service, they told me I would need brakes soon. I called to see how much they are to get replaced and they quoted me $1800+ for brakes. According to Audi, they only do “complete brake replacements”.

    I called again a week or so later to make sure the price was correct and surely enough he quoted me again for $1800+.

    Is this the right amount for brakes done by Audi because it feels like this is very overpriced.

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    It is overpriced, just like anything you have the dealer do. My advice to you is to find a reputable mechanic who is familiar with working on Audis and have them do the work. Have them replace the rotors and pads with OEM parts. It will likely cost you less than half what the dealer quoted you.

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    Note that brakes are not that hard to do yourself but you do need the tools and a VAG-COM or similar to retract the electric parking brake motors. I do not mind doing this myself and I like using the cost savings as an excuse to buy new tools :) If you are going to do this yourself there are a lot of you tube videos and write-ups in the forums. If you do not want to do this yourself, follow Teknic111's advice and find a good independent mechanic. I also advise you to go to an OEM parts reseller such as and find the cost of the OEM parts. They sell parts at 20%-30% off Audi list, this will be about what the independent dealer will pay and they will sell them to you at list. Then add about 60-90 minutes of labor per axle at your going local rate to get a cost estimate. As with Teknic111 I recommend OEM parts.

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