Pretty much.

1. Brought piston up to TDC
2. Removed valve keepers and springs
3. Used a short 3Ē section 1/4Ē vacuum hose to connect valve to drill bit to drill
4. Poured some seafoam on top of the valve through the intake port
5. Pressurized the cylinder to ~5 psi and began drilling/lapping
6. Slowly increased pressure to ~25 psi and drilled for a minute or so

Repeat as necessary.

It worked wonders for one of my leaky valves. You could see the leaking bubbles get less and less as you spin the drill until it has basically zero leak now. One of the other valves on the same cylinder had a little leak and this method didnít help it at allómight have even made it a tiny bit worse. But overall you can see how much improvement was made in the overall leakdown test for the cylinder. I think that one just didnít have a great valve job done on it from the shop as opposed to carbon buildup.

Just happy Iím not having to pull heads. Iím still working on rebuilding all the lifters. Then Iíll reassemble and see if compression looks good.

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