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    Negative sales experience from Jack Daniels Audi of Upper Saddle River. Buyer beware!

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    Bought a used S4 avant from Jack Daniels Audi of Upper Saddle River. Knowing the 4.2 V8's flaws, I requested that the engine get tested to make sure it did not have cylinder scoring or poor compression that would be caused from scoring. The original sales associate was great, but then the Sales Manager, Joe Fardello, stepped in. Man was this guy the stereotypical used car salesman!

    Joe Fardella, repeatedly told me things that did not inspire confidence in him, and almost made me walk away from the sale. He gave me a really difficult time about running tests that would ensure that the vehicle was not in need of extensive repairs, even insisting that I pay for them as the cost would eat into the profit on the car!!! He then quoted me ridiculously inflated prices for the cost to run these tests. He also quoted inflated costs for the repairs that were inevitably made to the vehicle.

    I was attracted to this particular car as an Aud enthusiast, so I am well versed in the costs associated with maintaining and repairing them. I felt insulted that someone would talk down to me about a car that they clearly were not knowledgeable about. For example, he claimed that doing a compression test and boroscope exam would cost $1,000.00 when I am fully aware that it does not cost anywhere near that amount, even with inflated dealership hourly labor rates. He finally ended up running the tests (crying the entire time about how much of a favor he was doing for me) and told me that the engine was in top shape.

    Long story short, end up buying the car thinking that everything checks out. Drive it for a while and it starts to consume oil. V8 s4s consume oil, but I was told it passed all the tests, so I just assumed that it is leaking somewhere. Valve cover is leaking a little bit, so I replace it figuring this will solve my problem. Keep driving the car and no leak at valve cover, but it is still consuming oil. Hmmmmm? Again, since it passed the tests run by the dealer, I figure that it has to be the pcv. My mechanic tells me that it looks like the PCV has been replaced recently, but I tell him to replace it anyway just to be safe. Replace the pcv and it stills consumes oil. Hmmmm? This seems strange for a car that passed tests for engine health. Have my independent mechanic do a boroscope and leakdown test. They discover low compression in 2 cylinders and scoring in those 2 cylinders. The damage to the cylinders and severity of the compression leak means that the car will inevitably need a new engine as there is no viable repair for this type of damage.

    I am wondering how this type of damage could happen in less than 5k mostly highway miles? This situation is extra disappointing for me because these were the exact issues that I expressed concern about when I was considering purchasing this vehicle. I specifically discussed these issues with the sales manager, Joe Fardello, as he stepped in and negotiated this deal. I cannot help but wonder if these were known issues, and they were covered up/concealed. I was wondering why I received so much push back about running the tests, in addition to the typical “used car” salesman pressure that Joe gave me trying to convince me to purchase the vehicle without running them. As I reflect back, it was also a little peculiar how many times I was told/reminded that this sale was “as is” and had “no warranty.” This sounds like the kind of language someone would use at a sketchy used car lot that is always changing its name and not at a luxury brand auto dealer. I should have gone with my gut feeling and walked away from the deal because of the vibe that I felt from Joe, but I was given many reassurances that the vehicle that I was purchasing had been thoroughly checked out and that it did not have any issues.

    I received a follow up email from the Director of Business Development and Marketing, Betsy Martinez. When I expressed my distaste for the buying experience with Joe Fardella, she made excuses about how he was having an "off day" and that she would train him. When I followed up with her about the damage to the engine, I did not/have not received any kind of response. This is more than disappointing.

    I am a dedicated Audi customer. I currently own three Audi avants (B7 A4, B8 A4 that was converted to an S4 Avant, and the B7 S4 I purchased from your dealer). I have previously owned two other B5 avants, a B6 avant, and also an A3. I have to say that this experience has ensured that I will never purchase another vehicle from Jack Daniel’s Audi, nor will I recommend it to anyone else, in addition to tarnishing the brand’s image for me.

    So, I am wondering what your company will do about this situation? Other than buying a new engine or selling the car at a massive loss, I do not have a lot of options. I am really in love with the car so it is devastating as an Audi enthusiast to know that the car’s day are numbered until the engine will ultimately fail completely. It is also quite devastating financially to have to buy a new engine and have it installed (for a cost that will most likely equal the purchase price of the car) after just a few short months.

    Please let me know what your company is prepared to do to win back my confidence as a loyal customer to the brand. Currently, I am rethinking my dedication and considering other brands to purchase in the future. I look forward to hearing from you soon. I am turning to this forum to seek some recognition of this issue and to warn others to BEWARE OF BUYING FROM THIS DEALER!

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    Hello audiphila,

    I appreciate you taking the time to outline the details of your complaint and the issues that have become apparent with your vehicle in the 5k miles since taking delivery of the vehicle. There are a few different things in play here, the dealer is correct as the car was purchased "used as is" but it is distressing to learn that you wanted to make sure major engine issues were not not in place on this car before the purchase only to find out that the exact opposite is the case. We are very grateful for your loyalty and multiple Audi purchases over the last several years and would like to look into this situation further to determine if there are any opportunities for Audi of America to assist. At this point I can only provide a guarantee that we can research and evaluate this situation with our internal resources, but I'd very much appreciate the opportunity to open a case on your behalf. If you can provide all contact information and your VIN, mileage, and date of purchase via a PM I will begin the process for you. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

    Thank you,
    Vincenzo F.

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