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    Airbag recall and a dealer dragging ass for 3 years

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    Local Audi says they donít even get 1 a week, but where I purchased my last audi in PA the dealer had plenty according to the seller

    we have 3 cars that are waiting and seems the local Audi dealer is just waiting for them to die it seems lol... which Wonít be happening lol. So what am I supposed to do here , I get the letters in the mail , call the dealer and get the same run around !!

    Send me the damn things and Iíll put them in myself !
    Iím tired of my wife telling me how scared she is that an airbag could just explode in her face ! The way you send the recall letters and the vague explanation, who could blame her .

    Garber of Rochester isnít a good dealership , they charge over msrp and when you call them out on the price gouge , they say oh well, also are well known for not wanting to work on cars older than 2-4 years old ... pompous, snobby and arrogant will all meet you at the door .

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    Hello StylinS-line,

    Thank you for reaching out on this particular issue with the Takata airbag recall. I will need your VIN to look further into the details for you but part allocation for the Takata airbag recall should be in full swing and there shouldn't be any lengthy delays at this point in time. I know that certain dealers compiled lists of customers while they were waiting for parts to come in and then were calling those customers first, but it's difficult for me to say with certainty. I'd like to open a case so that we can get these recalls performed for you, so please send me a PM at your convenience with the necessary info.

    Thank you,
    Vincenzo F.

    Audi Social Community Manager

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    the issue isn't that the airbags go off by themselves -- It has to do with the igniter and every brand is dealing with this issue ... Even top of the line like Ferrari


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