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    Google Earth removed by Audi on MY 2018 RS5 after MMI flash

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    Want to check with others and, especially, Audi USA on the following experience. We've all heard that Google Earth overlay support will go away in Dec. 2020 for MY 2018 and older Audi vehicles that had Google Earth overlays provided through Audi Connect. Now, it seems that Audi is proactively removing this capability on MY 2018 and older vehicles much sooner.

    I brought my 2018 RS5 Coupe in for its one year service, and also for an application of an MMI flash to fix TSB 2053028/1 at Audi Denver. This TSB addresses the well known bug that caused the 360 degree camera to always revert to graphic overlay when reversing. Much to my surprise, when I received my RS5 back at the end of the day the Google Earth overlay was gone. Although the MMI indicates "GOOGLE" at the bottom right, Map Settings and Audi Connect in the MMI menu have the "Google Earth" option replaced by "Satellite Map". And this satellite overlay is ugly, with a permanent "Imagery (c) 2019 DigitalGlobe, U.S. Geological Survey, USDA Farm Service Agency" plastered over two lines across the top of the nav display.

    For Audi USA, can you confirm that you are now actively removing Google Earth overlays if any flash to fix bugs is applied to the MMI? And, is this the replacement for Google Earth overlays? If so, you need to work on the aesthetics of the display ... the large permanent copyright is distracting, as is the permanent sky across the top of the display in 3D mode.

    Users, anyone else have this happen to them?
    2018 RS5 - Nardo Gray

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    It's a different overlay but it's still Google Earth. HERE will replace GE in newer (after 2020) models, but silence from Audi as to what happens to existing cars with GE. So far, all we know is that the GE overlay will go away by New Years Day 2021....

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    My 2018 A5 SB had the fix for the 360 degreee camera bug applied and the all the options and settings still say Google Earth.

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    I had the update performed on my 2018 S5 Sportback and like PDP11, my map overlay is now an uglier version of the Satellite map. It has the permanent "Imagery (c) 2019 DigitalGlobe, U.S. Geological Survey, USDA Farm Service Agency" on the screen. The map image is lower resolution, appearing pixelated with a slight flickering when scrolling. The objects (trees, lakes, etc.) are much darker and harder to see than the original map. Very disappointed that a downgraded version of the overlay would be put in place prior to the expiration date of this service. And like others, very upset that there is any expiration at all. Clearly not transparent through the marketing and sales process.

    And it is called Satellite View now on the Map Settings. Google Earth is no longer referenced.
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