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    First time - Track Day

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    Hi everyone,

    Iím going to be attending my first Hooked on Driving Track Day at Lime Rock Park on June 8th.

    Besides buying a helmet that meets criteria and tires for the day (falken azenis rt615k+ ) what else would you all recommend I should bring with me?


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    Been awhile but I did a track day years ago... Mine was a road course so it was an all day thing.

    Not sure what you road surface will be, but mine was a nascar track and the infield which was concrete. Just be ready, it ate apart my brand new Pilot Sport A/S Plus tires. lol

    Anyway, As far as what else to take this is just some stuff off the top of my head

    First and foremost double make sure you have all your paperwork together and ready.
    Medical forms, release forms etc....

    Cooler. Drinks, Food/Snacks.
    The basics. Engine oil for top off, Coolant for top off
    Brake fluid as well
    Do you have spare brake pads? Maybe need em.
    jack stands ( I rotated my tires half way through the day, and also took my tires off for brake inspections )
    chair! Don't forget a chair. lol... Will you be in the sun? Some sort of sun shade. I was lucky enough to have a garage spot.
    A notebook for note taking... car notes, day notes, racing notes...
    Tow Hooks. Make sure you're are good. And if possible the oem ones. Just last week we tried towing a bmw with a fancy one he bought online and it broke and luckily the line didn't whip around and hit any of us.
    Glass cleaner and microfibers
    tire pressure gauge
    Phone charger, laptop? Camera? USB cable for transfering photos or videos from camera or go pro?
    First aid kit, some bandaids and stuff just incase you mess with your car and cut yourself.
    Tylenol... lol don't get stuck with a headache halfway through the day

    sure that might be a little excessive but it all depends... you might not need a jack to change brake pads but maybe the guys around you forgot a jack and you can be the one who helped someone out. never know.

    Just some stuff to think about...

    back when i ran my c6 a6

    2006 A6 3.2L Quattro S-Line (got my baby back)


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