I picked up a 2009 S5 4.2L and I have couple kinks I would like to iron out. I about an OBDeleven and I am getting these error codes. My passenger door does not unlock unless I open it. Sometimes my door assist work and sometimes it does not. I noticed if I clear all the error codes it generally works until it gives errors again. I have bought the sensor for the passenger door because it said it was bad, just need to replace it. The radio and back up camera both work but I am getting an error code. The lane change assist I have not seen work at all. Finally one of my keys does not unlock the doors or anything but I noticed if it is in the car, the car will start. Any help and direction is appreciated, I have been lurking and researching but these codes I am having troubles with solving.

Car: Audi S5
Year: 2009
Body type: Coupe
Engine: CAUB 260 kW (360 HP) 4.2 l
Mileage: 166210 KM

6C Camera System Rear View

System description: J772__Rearview
Software number: 8T0907441B
Software version: 0070
Hardware number: 4L0907441A
Serial number: 525PA8-J84902E
Coding: 1000008

Trouble codes:
02203 - Audio-/video input 1 Implausible signal


0F Radio Tuner Digital

System description: SDAR SIRIUS H07
Software number: 4E0910593M
Software version: 0160
Hardware number: 4E0035593F
Serial number: AUZ4Z7H0329598
Coding: 0000100

Trouble codes:
02635 - Tuner not enabled/activated

05 Kessy

System description: BCM2 1.1
Software number: 8K0907064AG
Software version: 0134
Hardware number: 8K0907064AG
Hardware version: H71
Long coding: 0F0000

System description: ELVAUDIB8
Software number: 8K0905852D
Software version: 0039
Hardware version: H35
Serial number: 0208000021919001

Trouble codes:
03286 - Right front exterior door handle touch sensor Short circuit to ground
00955 - Key 1 no or incorrect basic setting/adaptation
19 Gateway

System description: GW-BEM 5CAN-M
Software number: 8T0907468L
Software version: 0092
Hardware number: 8T0907468L
Hardware version: H10
Serial number: 4400F084218259
Long coding: 000303

System description: J367-BDM
Software number: 8K0915181B
Software version: 0150
Hardware version: H04
Serial number: 1801FAC6140508

Trouble codes:
03041 - Energy management active
01314 - Engine control module (ECM) No signal/communication
01312 - Drive train data bus No signal/communication