Hey guys and gals, I havenít posted here lately but Iím here to share something with you! I was going to post this in the R8 forum but there were only ads there so I figured it would be a waste.

I just finished editing up this timelapse video that I recorded a few years back when I was still working for an Audi dealership. The car was a 2012 V8 R8 Spyder and the engine needed to be removed to change out the AC compressor. I had heard that it was possible to do the compressor without removing the engine (and I have confirmed this since then) but since it was my first time I decided to do it by the book. That, and I really just wanted the experience. It was an immense amount of work... one of the largest jobs Iíve done in my career. I had fun with it and got a chance to record it and compile it into a cool timelapse. It was shot over a 6 week period and I clocked between 50 and 60 hours on the job. I was the only R8 tech and the only Master Guild tech in town at the time so I was having to juggle a lot of cars. Plus I was training two techs, so that slowed my progress even further and is why it took 6 weeks to complete.

Anyway, without further ado, here is the video!