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    ABT Rear diffuser with Faux Exhaust tips for the C8

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    Whatís up Guys
    Iím pretty sure at this point we all agree the faux exhaust shit
    Audi is pulling has got to go 👎🏼
    With that being said I was looking to replace the faux exhaust trim on my C8 with a
    nice authentic quad exhaust.. so naturally I reached out to the boys at ABT 🙏🏼 After seeing their new
    Areo package with a new diffuser and quad tips 😍 but upon further views and after inquiring it turns
    Out they are also faux 😪 still looks dope tho ..but hereís the problem it cost $2500 and itís faux smh 🤦🏼*♂️ and itís not even carbon fiber
    Iíd much rather get the power upgrade from 340hp to 420hp for around the same price
    What do you guys think ?
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    Totally agree with your thought process. Which reminds me, I've reached out to Arin @ APR and they're still working on getting into the Bosch MG1 ECU - I would imagine someone already would have cracked it considering APR has been talking about this same ECU since 2017. Anyone have any other ideas on tunes (APR/Unitronic, etc)?


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