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    Seeking guidance on buying 2015 S4

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    Hello all,

    Hope everyone is having a good day.
    I do believe there may have been this type of posting already done so i was hesitant to post this. However my necessity to have my questions answered and my search of threads with B8.5, S4, buying, and guide keywords for past threads, there were countless of threads that weren't related to what i was actually looking for. I apologize if this thread is repetitive.

    I am in love with the B8.5 S4 and considering to buy this 2015 S4 premium plus with white exterior color (this specific car was produced in 11/2014, not sure if that matters..?) that is for sale as a CPO. The price is at $32k which is reasonable? (according to KBB) given 37k miles with 1 carfax owner and it is a CPO.
    This Audi dealership's policy is 1price aka no haggling/negotiation....

    I was wondering if you guys could give me an advice on what to look out for even if it's a CPO, what i need to know/say if I were to buy, if there is any other way that I could negotiate this nonnegotiable price policy, what is common problems that I will have to prepare for in the long run, and etc.
    Any advice would help, thank you for your time.

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    price is right in range of where most S4's (nationwide search, USA) for CPO. If you're in love with the car and it's the color you want roll with it.


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