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    How's the OEM shock longevity after lowering with springs?

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    I'm thinking of lowering my '18 S5 with springs and so I was wondering how long the OEM shocks have lasted. I had an '06 911 that was lowered on H&R springs at 40k miles. Two shocks went bad by 60k miles so I was wondering what other's experiences were with springs. I wasn't the owner from 0-30k so that's a variable.


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    I'm also wondering as well. I'm a newb regarding lowering my SQ5 '18. I've been reading from forums that the springs only will be a bit bouncy and might not be comfortable in the long run. Heard it's rough on stock struts too. After reading everyone's comments I just recently made the jump on the KW V1 coilovers. I'll have to wait 6-8 weeks to be delivered apparently. I won't be able to turn back now. *Note: Heard I'll be losing the ADS functionality too, bummer.


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