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    How's the OEM shock longevity after lowering with springs?

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    I'm thinking of lowering my '18 S5 with springs and so I was wondering how long the OEM shocks have lasted. I had an '06 911 that was lowered on H&R springs at 40k miles. Two shocks went bad by 60k miles so I was wondering what other's experiences were with springs. I wasn't the owner from 0-30k so that's a variable.


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    I'm also wondering as well. I'm a newb regarding lowering my SQ5 '18. I've been reading from forums that the springs only will be a bit bouncy and might not be comfortable in the long run. Heard it's rough on stock struts too. After reading everyone's comments I just recently made the jump on the KW V1 coilovers. I'll have to wait 6-8 weeks to be delivered apparently. I won't be able to turn back now. *Note: Heard I'll be losing the ADS functionality too, bummer.

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    It's a VW, so your results may vary, but I lowered my MK6 Jetta with H&R Sports when it had about 10k miles on it. It was a tad under-damped, but it worked okay for about 50k miles. There was no degradation in the shocks when I swapped them out at about 60k miles, but I wanted something firmer at that point and added Koni Sports (yellows).
    If you do the work yourself, modding in stages is great. There are other springs around that are specifically designed to work with OEM Shocks. EMD and 034 Motorsports are both supposed to make spring like this, but I am not sure about your S5.

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    oem shocks are going to wear our at anywhere from 40k to 80k regardless of whether you lower or not.
    if you going to the time & expense of putting on new springs, why not replace the shocks, too?

    the oem shock is designed to work with the suspension at a specific ride height, too.
    if you lower, the oem shock is not working within its valving's optimal range.

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