ECU Tuning for B8 A4

Stage 1+ Software upgrade for all Audi 2008-2012 A4 2.0TFSI models

  • Optional switcher with stock, race, valet and/or firewall mode(s) is available for (tax included): $195 - $555 (depending on options selected).
  • Horsepower gain (hp): 208 -> 260* (pump mode)/275** (race mode)
  • Toque gain (lb-ft): 258 -> 310* (pump mode)/330** (race mode)
  • GIAC Stage 1 Plus adds horsepower, torque and more throttle response throughout the power band. This calibration is compatible with vehicles that have no other upgrades to basic "bolt-ons". Quality intercooler and exhaust upgrades will improve performance.
  • Perfect mechanical condition highly recommended, software subject to availability dependent on installed ECU revision. HP and torque figures are average engine estimates derived from wheel power and acceleration testing. Results may vary depending upon a vehicle, transmission, environmental conditions, vehicle health, operating conditions, temperatures, dyno type, dyno setup, fuel grade, other variables, and modifications.
  • * 91 octane fuel compatible. 93 octane fuel for optimum results.
  • ** 100 octane fuel compatible. 105 octane fuel for optimum results. Optional switcher or remapping required.
  • Expires Feb 28th, 2019

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