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    Defrost setting air flow question

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    Hey guys, so basically no matter what vent setting I have it set at (ie feet, vents, windshield/defrost), air/heat ALWAYS comes out of the farthest right and farthest left air vents, and NOTHING comes out of the little defroster vents above those circular air vents. Does that make sense? So the little 5 or 6 slotted defroster vents that point directly at the driver's side and passengers side windows never have any air flow coming out of them, and I mean never, but air always comes out of those vents right below them, so I just point them at the windows to defrost. Does anyone else notice this as well? Is it an issue? I feel like on the defroster setting, air should be coming out of those little slotted vent pointing at the windows like in all other cars. Let me know guys
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    Yes I have noticed this as well and have pointed the adjustable vents towards the windows. When there`s frost on the inside of the front side windows, well, you won`t be going anywhere for a bit unless you want to start scraping the inside of the windows.
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    iíve noticed this as well. yeah as super confused about it but eventually figured it was by design. glad to see confirmation here ;)
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