Hi all,

Just picked up a 2012 Q5 3.0 TDI (Korea Spec). Looking to add bluetooth audio streaming and been looking at either a 3G+ retrofit or the 8.8" RSNAV unit.

Issue is, I am having trouble figuring out what specific MMI version I am running.

SW version is listed as: H_KR_P0532

But from what I've read, 3G Basic should be "BNav_XX" and 3G High should be "HNav_XX". Assuming that the H stands for 3G High without nav? Have the nav button, and when pressed it switches to nav screen. But it's not the Audi OEM nav, but a local nav interface (been the same on all Audi's I've tested here).

To further confuse things, I have rear back up cam, push button start (comfort key) and MMI controls by the shifter, but no bluetooth connectivity (even for just phone calls).

If I do opt for the 3G+ retrofit, would I only need the new HU and MMI control panel?

Any help in getting this sorted out would be much appreciated.