Hello to anyone who might read this, I have 2001 A6 2.7t with the 6 speed it now has 188k on her and I still love it like I just got it but the clutch is slipping real bad and is very high on the release. So i have asked around my local shops in Loveland CO, and I think they just dont want to do it with quots up to 3k...... thats more then the car is worth(not to me). So the issue as most have is money I am a stay at home dad right now for my 2 yr old girl, which means I make very little money. I found a clutch kit on the Project b5 site for only $200! not sure if its any good but we will see. I would trully love to do it myself but cant, do to living in an apartmant and not having a garage, My wife and I moved out to CO a few years ago but havnt met any like minded freinds. So if there is anyone around that likes to work on cars and wouldnt mind making a few extra bucks to help me do this rather large job.