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    Drive without Steering Angle Sensor / Slip Ring

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    Trying to diagnose a steering issue here - does anyone know if I can drive without the slip ring (also containing the steering angle sensor) to help rule in/out the assembly as the cause of the issue?

    I have the VCDS software so I can do the re-calibrations afterwards.

    Will this work?


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    I can't answer your direct question but I can tell you what I did to my 07 BMW 530i a few years ago when I had it. I had the steering angle sensor warning go off indicating the sensor was bad.

    I found someone online who had done their own fix and posted a DIY. I disconnected the battery to disable the airbag from going off. Then I removed the airbag and then the box behind the wheel that had the steering angle sensor in it. Then I disassembled the box and removed the goo that had built up on the sensor. I think I used a toothpick, swap and rubbing alcohol.

    I then put it all back together and my problem was solved. I owned the car about 3 additional years and never had another problem.

    The dealer wanted $500 for the part and about that same amount for labor. I'm glad I tried to fix it myself.

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