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    What kind of deal do you think you could get on this C7 A6?

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    Hi all,

    I'm going to get a PPI on a 2012 A6 with the 3.0TFSI and 94k miles this week. It looked to be in good shape, drove fine, and the dealer is reputable in the area. I was just wondering what you all thought might be a good deal. Dealer is asking 13,999. It's been sitting for about 2 months now. I don't like to dick around, I was thinking of offering him 12.xk for an out the door price, maybe working up to around 13k OTD, depending on how good a shape the inspection reveals and assuming no major work being found to be needed. Our sales tax rate is 10% up here so it's pretty high. What do you think you guys would do?

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    I paid $18200 ($19,600 out the door) for mine. It has 71k miles on it, pristine package, HUD, Night Vision, and in really good condition. The dealer is wack but overall Iím happy with the ride and the fuel burn. Averaging 28.5 mpg on it as itís my daily commuter about 100 miles a day (3xwks).

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