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    Wiring help please ..using a single led to illumination wire

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    Do you think a quick blow fuse is needed for a single led bulb tied into the rear seat illumination wire? Or overkill? It's a single 6v 20 ma draw (or .02 amp) As I've found with a multi-meter, the wire is about 6v for illumination light on the rear overhead console.

    Any thoughts on wiring/tapping directly into the overhead illumination to give the rear seat area some light like the front.
    More specific: Do you think a .25amp fuse is needed to tie into that bulb.

    Same for wiring directly into the footwell 12v light with another single 12v 80 milliamp (.08 amp) to another led in front overhead?

    My hunch is that it's probably not needed as even the .25 amp is stlll a bit large to fuse perhaps..but...electrics is not my area for sure! Better safe than sorry.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Not sure what led you are installing but I have used the footwell lights to tie in my fiber optic illuminator (1.5w led) and it works just fine (b8.5 allroad). You may need to tie in a resistor depending on the brightness


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