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    Audi S5 V8 4.2l: High Pressure Fuel Pump

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    I have bought the Tec-2000 Fuel Injector Cleaner but I am not sure how to use it on my car...
    I have an Audi S5 V8 4.2l FSI from 2009, without a fuel filter (there is one in the tank only) and no fuel return to the tank. It is 100% stock.

    As I can see, the fuel is supplied by a low pressure pump (tank) to the engine where there are two high pressure fuel pumps connected to the fuel rail.

    I have doubts how to apply the cleaner...
    If the mentioned two HPFP are able to pump/suck the cleaner from the can or the cleaner have to be applied under some pressure to the HPFP?


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    Donít you just empty it in the tank and forget about it? Thatís usually how fuel system cleaners work.
    I accept a Stage II tuned S5 is quicker than an RS5
    Doug convinced me
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