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    It is a 2001 b5 s4 tip, no engine rebuilds, 2nd trans I think lol, and basic maintenance.

    Getting to the point, I recently had a fuel leak on the fuel rail and changed out the o rings on the injectors. On the fuel rail towards the drivers side there is a line that is curved and points down, I see people that have capped this line and I have too with no apparent issues. Since I was not the person who pulled the fuel rail off I was unable to see where that line went into was wondering if anybody knows where the line goes? The line is about 6-8 inches long.

    After fixing that issue two codes popped up about two weeks later, P1423 and P1411. I did some research and it seems to be an emission issue. Wondering if anybody has any input on these secondary air codes, I checked my secondary air pump and it seemed ok, I plan on checking it again just to make sure.

    Finally, I was thinking getting another cheap 01 s4 with a somewhat bad engine and a manual transmission in good shape and switching out parts from car to car to create the perfect s4 lol. At this point I do not know if it is worth the money once I get into to making some small upgrades because why not if the engines and transmissions are already pulled. Just Want to hear some thoughts with a car with so many miles on it.

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