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    How will our out-dated navigation systems deal with the shifting magnetic pole?

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    Interesting stuff in this article. Many navigation units have had their final software/firmware update long long ago. Will these units just be inaccurate going forward? Or instead is direction achieved through pulling multiple GPS points?

    Since late 2014, Earth’s core field has varied in an unpredicted, and currently unpredictable, manner [including a sudden change in declinaton called a ‘geomagnetic jerk‘ in 2014/2015],” says Brown. “The aim of the WMM is to be globally accurate within 1 degree of declination, but we were going to exceed that limit in only 3 years.” That’s why, for the first time, they are issuing an update to the WMM before the usual 5 year mark in 2020.

    Although at the same time, it says the model is updated every 5 years, which is more frequent than older navigation systems are updated.
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    I don't think this affects GPS-based navigation devices (since they use data from space) so much as it does magnetic compasses, like the one in our Gentex mirrors (and our sailboat on Lake Erie). And I thought our wonky compass headings the past few sailing seasons were just due to the compass getting out of adjustment...
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