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Thread: Audi b6 400hp +

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    Audi b6 400hp +

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    Hi All. Iím just getting back into the Audizine forum and have always used the forum for some knowledge and opinions on my builds. But I am currently about 50% (hopefully) done with my build on my b6 Avant but now I am just eager to join the 500hp club . And yes I am aware of all the other problems that go along with it so please save me those comments 😂... so to the current specs and build of the car I am currently stage 3 eurodryne tune running a garret gt28 Turbo , evo FMIC, SEM intake manifold,034 intake , 034 exhaust manifold,034 fuel rail , 034 intake, 550cc Bosch injectors, Milltek exhaust along with a fully rebuilt 01e tDI 6speed tranny and a few other things . So besides the getting new rods and pistons which are next on the list what elseís would you guys recommend or brand ? Any and all advice would help ! Pics would Be awesome too. Thanks for the 4ring knowledge !
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