Hey guys,

So I have a 2005 A6 C6 V8 thatís been my daily driver for the past 6 years. I got to the point where it needs some parts replaced and it doesnít make sense financially to invest more into it. I am looking for something bigger that handles potholes a little better so I started doing my research about the new Q7. I donít know too much about it, Iíve just been told that the Q7 and Q5 newer generations have problems that can only be fixed at Audi dealers and require their special tools and etc. When the NHTSA released the recall for the airbags, I took my car to the Audi dealer and I had the chance to drive a basically brand new 2018 Q7 as my loaner. I loved how it handled and the view from the driverís seat but since it was a new car (800 miles or so) I couldnít see anything wrong with it. What is your guys opinion on the new generation Q7s? What problems should I look up online and when test driving one, what should I look for in terms of signs of possible issues? Are there any engine or transmission codes I should stay away from? I know itís not old enough to know about all its tantrums but any advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you all!

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