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    2014 A5 "sport package" - springs are the same?

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    I have a 2014, A5 (B8.5) and trying to swap in the standard suspension instead of the sport which I have now. I have read multiple times that the "Sport package" lowers the car by 3/4 so I assumed that the coil springs must be different.

    After many hours of research followed by ordering the same spring that I have on the car, I am finding out that the "sport" vs. "non sport" coil springs are identical front and rear.

    Can someone verify that for me? This is according to two different dealers using two different VIN #'s. If the 3/4" drop is correct, how is that happening with identical springs? Is it possible they are different lengths but have the exact same paint code marks? The dealers have the same part #'s for each so I don't think so....

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    On my 2015 I have 2 packages, the Sport Package and the Sport Plus Package. And though I don't know which package to give credit to, I'm pretty sure my car is lowered because I keep scraping the front lip on the the cement barrier at the end of my assigned parking spot

    Does your car have both packages?

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    From what I know, there's standard suspension, then Sport suspension, and then S-Line suspension, with Sport lowering 15mm and S-Line lowering 25mm. Quirky thing is S-Line cars don't come standard with S-Line suspension, it's requested, supposedly ppl want the S-Line look without the S-Line feel. I'm "assuming" the Sport Plus Package is S-Line maybe?
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