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    Harbor Freight Modified Timing Belt Pin Wrench for 1.8T

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    Just wanted to share a tool I modified to work for the 1.8T that I bought from Harbor Freight. $4.99 tool. Even less with 20% or 25% coupons.

    Worked great!

    I used a Dremel to shrink the diameter of the pins on the Harbor Freight tool since it was a tad big for the holes.

    I then had to cut some metal off the tips of the tool to allow for the socket to be placed onto the nut while making the tensioner adjustment.

    Easy to do.

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    Nice. Had no idea HFT sells such a tool. Not sure if it's a new thing they added to their line-up.

    I think I bought the factory tool used, but I think HFT long-nose angle pliers can also work.
    Something like this:

    I wonder how hard the TB job was, and if any other special tools were required.


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