Hey Guys,

Has anyone here run into this, where the start button still does not start the car even after replacing the physical switch? After buying the car the start button had no specific fault code stored, but it had a '02244 - Button in Control Head is Stuc' code so i assumed it must be the start button switch failure. After buying the button and trying it in the car, i get this fault:

access/start authorization switch (e408)

if i log it in VCDS i can see the E408 START signal turn on and off if i press the button (group 4 field 2), but the ON signal only sometimes changes (group 4 field 1), and if it does, then it still doesnt start, even when pressing down the brake.

Is it possible the switch i was sent has a bad contact? it came in a vw box so it appears genuine, even though i did buy it on ebay. The button i bought is a facelift one for 09-11 cars.

i also read in some post that there is a software update for this start button module, can anyone elaborate on that?

thanks for any input!