I know there are many threads but I would like to ask some opinions on different Bluetooth modules and the features they have / recommendations… For background I have a RNS-E head unit.

Types I know of:
• OEM Factory
• Fiscon Plus - http://www.fiscon-mobile.eu/products/rns_e.php
• Grom Audio – BT3 or USB3 - https://gromaudio.com/store/all-aud.html
• Dension Gateway Pro BT - http://shop.dension.com/en/gateway-pro
• Others?

The OEM one sucks I don’t like how you have to program names & phone book entries into the car.
I have the Fiscon one I got off the forums. It has good phone book, dash screen & steering wheel connectivity but it lacks the ability to speak commands (Or at least what I can tell from it). IE in my other car I can click Bluetooth button say call home and it will call my house. With this one I have to use steering wheel controls to make call.
Looking to see if any of the others above have speak to call. Also want it to have phone book, dash screen & steering wheel integration for a android phone. Please post your experiences, thanks!