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    1.8t Oil pressure light

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    To preface this, I am due for an oil change (liquimoly 5w-40 put in early 2018), however I check the level every couple of weeks, and its always been right at the full mark.

    I was out yesterday dropping a friend off, and on the way there I noticed I was a little low on coolant (the sensor in the overflow bottle would trip during breaking). I believe there is a small coolant leak right at the water pump which requires topping up the coolant every so often. For this reason I usually keep a jug of coolant in the car, but it was empty when I checked, so I dropped him off and limped it home keeping an eye on the temp gauge.

    The gauge never moved past 90, however when I was a few minutes from home I got a red oil symbol on the instrument cluster which I believe to be the oil pressure low warning light . It flashed a couple of times and went away. This really caught me off guard as it had been the first time I've seen it since having the car for over a year. I was thinking of parking it on a side street and waiting for it to cool down, but I limped it home, ideling most of the way. It came on twice more for a few seconds and went away right when the engine was around 2k rpm.

    As soon as I got home I checked the oil level, and its right where it's always been. I also topped up the coolant and let it idle for a few minutes and the oil pressure warning light did not come back.

    I've taken off the valve cover last summer to diagnose the cam chain actuator and the head looked quite clean in terms of sludge buildup.

    Is there anything I should do to diagnose it while the engine is off, or should I get it to operating temp and see if the warning light comes back? Best case scenario its just a bad sensor/ engine was a bit too warm. Dont want to imagine how much of a pain pulling the sump to clean the pick tube screen would be on these motors.
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