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Thread: S4 VCDS Asist

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    S4 VCDS Asist

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    Hello, new to the Audi side but have been playing with a VW Touareg for several years. I am hoping to find a B5 S4 owner who has the VCDS cable and would be willing to share some basic setting info. My challenges are the lack of heat and a door lock system that only locks and unlocks the drivers door. I have changed both the temp sensors for the HVAC/Heat system, I have verified red and blue flapper door activity, and I have hot water entering and leaving the firewall.
    I would like to verify the settings and measuring block values before I tear the dash out to confirm there is even a heater core in there.
    Same with the door locks, i replaced the pump and only the drivers door works. I traced the vacuum tubing and everything seems to be good, there must be a logic controller someplace that allows the other doors to unlock with a second button push and such.
    I do not think I can PM yet
    Call or text me 5six2seven56six601
    Thanks Mike
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    Clean looks avant. It sounds like your heater core is clogged. If the oil cooler ever went bad or the coolant was old and started to break down it can build up sludge in the bottom of the heater core and eventually now allow enough coolant to flow through it to heat the air. You can try flushing it but if itís an older heater core worn plastic pipes you run the risk of braking a pipe. Your door lock issue is strange tho usually the system works or does not work at all.

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    If you decide you donít want to deal with it and sell the Avant, there is a member with the handle gujuhammer that is looking for exactly what you have.
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