Been on the forum for 3 years now.. I don't recall ever seeing this, but just curious as I'm trying to chase down intermittent starting problem with my 2013.

It would be easy to blame the battery, but it's a 1 yr old battery, its a deep cycle, bigger cranking power than OEM. It was tested ''perfect'' 1 months ago.

I'm down to like 3 things:

- starter itself
- relay/wiring to the starter
- or the battery.

What is the issue: it will not crank. then.. I will wait 2-4 minutes, and will start again pressing the button, and will ''whine 4-5 second'' then will eventually fire up after 10second of pressing the button.

I feel like it would be the relay/switch that is jammed and don't send the signal to start the car. Because 2-4 minutes after, it start. If it was a battery issue, i can't see why the car would even start right? battery dont recover energy 2-4 minutes later by doing nothing lol. and starter isn't dead because it will eventually start.