A4 B7 + 2.7 biturbo. Everything has already started working. Immo was taken off, coil injectors, fuel pump, auto throttle. The time has come to change ABS from 8.0 to 5.7. The beam was removed from the abs pump to the cabin, on the left front post where all the wires in green and black plugs came together and the bundle was put on from the A4 B6. Of course, the pins in the plug were properly remade, ABS pump adaptation went well and i calibrate the G85, read the value from each wheel from the ABS sensors. Since then, the car does not start. The last successful launch of the car looked so that it ignited and began to descend from turns until it went out and it did not start again. On the board, of course, Check Engine and EPC are on.
The candles have been checked for sparking, the fuel for the injection molding comes in whether the injections work, I have not checked but the candles are wet. the throttle valve changes position as I press the gas pedal.
I am surprised by one thing when I disconnect the crankshaft position sensor and try to start the car, of course, it does not start, but the computer does not register an error that there is no crankshaft position sensor. Is it plugged in or not, it does not fire and does not throw an error related to it. The only difference is that when the crankshaft position sensor is connected, the engine tries to start and stop but does not start.
Please help.ecu_bad.jpg

with these errors the car worked before. But I gave the dump