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    Central Locking Pump/Module Issue - Doors Not Locking/Unlocking + Other issues

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    1998 A4 2.8L
    8L0 862 257 N model Central Locking Pump unit

    The window buttons are controlled by the central locking pump/module right? Had my passenger front window start to intermittently not work from my drivers door controls but always worked from the passenger front side. When trying my rear drivers door window by the rear doors button it does not move the window up or down but I forgot to test if it moves from the drivers door button. This had been going on for about a month or two.

    *Edit: Just tried my fob holding unlock button and my front driver, front passenger, and rear passenger window went down but the rear driver didnt. Holding lock closed the front driver, front passenger, and rear passenger. So I assume I just have a failed rear driver window, and a bad front driver door window switch for the front passenger window. Module is probably good.

    Last night the doors stopped locking/unlocking... which I knew had to be tied to the CLP or vacuum. Pulled it apart and sure enough the graphite wheel is in half... which explains the doors not working. But I also read you can unhook the vacuum lines and blow/suck on the tubes to lock/unlock the doors to test the vacuum portion... When I did it on the small line, only the gas door lock moved open and close but the small one I read was for the gas and drivers front door. When I tried the big line nothing happened. None of the doors or trunk lock opened/closed by blowing/sucking on the vacuum tube. It felt like there was pressure when I was blowing into it

    When I did the vacuum line method the doors should have unlocked/locked right? (Unless the vacuum line was leaking somewhere, but blowing into the line I felt resistance).

    I also noticed i'm not able to lock my drivers door manually via the push pin on the door card if the door is open, I don't remember if this has always been like this or if its some kind of security thing to prevent you locking your keys in the car?

    The foam was not wet when I took the CLP out. I dont really see any corrosion or burn joins on the electrical board.

    Insight? Don't want to replace the wheel (If the replacements are still available) if iIm probably better off replacing the whole unit. (Also my outside drivers door lock does not turn... so idk if i'm able to recode my keys via the passenger door?)
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