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    Startup rattle opinions

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    Hi All,

    In the market for another S4 after someone killed the last one hitting it while parked up!

    Have a video of one I'm interested in, Chains done by Audi at 86k, now on 116k so should be good, but does have a a short rattle on starting, sounds to me like the usual one and not much else to worry about - but additional opinions welcome and appreciated.


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    Mine sounds the same, 81k miles on original timing components. It bothered me at first but I think it's just due to low oil pressure in the heads/tensioners the first half second on start. I'll be concerned if duration increases.

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    If it's always as short as in the video, I wouldn't be concerned about it.

    As Whoa said, I'd worry if the rattle lasts longer or also happens on a hot start.

    I've had pretty consistent hot start rattle before replacing the oil checkvalves in the valley.

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    Oil check valves FTW!

    Or just buy a Accusump

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    What Vinny said ^^^
    Oil check valves and spray jet are relatively easy to get to and you can re-seal the manifold at the same time. Iíve only been through 2 of these engines now, but the most recent had perfect guides, and slightly rounded out mechanical tensioners. Iíve been told the tensioners and oil check valves wer most likely causing the rattle.

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