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    Help. Confused about oil in bolt hole...alternator bracket.

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    So it's taken me 3 days to finally figure out how to get my alternator off. Had to buy a strange "remote" clamp remover. Anyway I'm assuming my oil cooler gasket/s are leaking and it sure looks that way now that everything is out of the way...BUT...when i took off the alternator mounting plate that covers the oil cooler, the upper left bolt hole has a good amount of fresh oil somehow inside the hole. There's no evidence of a path leaking beneath it other than some previously toasted oil from a vcg leak. I guess I'm afraid that my block is cracked somehow leaking into this bolt hole?? Only other explanation i can think of is the previous vcg leak somehow found its way in there and it stayed trapped and unburnt. Help. I haven't actually pulled the cooler off due to lack of time today but i guess I'll find out tomorrow. Can anyone see a good reason why oil would be in that bolt hole? Thanks.

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    i would pretend you never had these bad thoughts and move on with repairing your oil cooler.
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    I donít see any reason why your block would crack unless your running water as coolant and you let it freeze and your freeze plugs didnít work.

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