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    S4 Starting Issues

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    The other day I got in my S4 to drive it for the first time in a couple weeks. When I first started the car it started up fine, took it down the road roughly 3 miles to grab some dinner. When I got back in the car about an hour and a half later it would not start. It turned over and cranked but would not fire up. With being so close to the house we got an uber back I grabbed some tools and my scanner to start my process of elimination on what the issue could be while I waited for a tow back to my home. Got back in the car to pop the hood and thought I would give it another shot before I started digging into what could be going on and surprisingly enought it started right up with no hesitation. Once again I got in it today to see if it would start and no issues. I was wondering if anyone has had this issue and found a remedy for it? I know that the celluloid in the starter on theses cars tends to go out.

    Thanks in advance for any help
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    My b6 was doing something similar a few months back. The only difference was my car wouldn’t fire up when it was warm. Happened to be the crank sensor

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    Did you pull any codes?

    My first bet would be crank position sensor as well.
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