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    Angry 2000 Audi 2.8 30v cranks but won't start in cold temperature

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    Hi, new here!
    I recently bought the car and have run into a problem where when the temperature drops below a certain temperature, the car will crank strongly, but it never catches nor does it show any symptom of starting(slight fires,rumbling, etc.). It seems like the car is limiting potentially both spark and fuel if any

    Here is what I have tried and learned so far,
    -new spark plugs
    -new battery
    -new coolant temp sensor
    -new camshaft sensor
    I've learned that the car be bump started(might be agonizing to some), firing and running without hesitation
    The car will start at optimal temp without hesitation, but will not start if the temperature outside is colder (ranging from -5 to 20 around here right now)
    When bump started, the car can be restarted without hesitation once fully warmed up
    This car is my first project car and I have prior knowledge of mechanics but never an audi and its been a good learning experience on the way so far
    What are the potentials that could be causing this problem? Its been sitting for a couple days now and i just want it sorted out
    Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!!

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    Crank position sensor
    r.i.p.CASABLANCA B5 1.8t

    PCV? Just dump it on the ground!

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    **edit** i meant to say i replaced crankshaft sensor, not camshaft sensor


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