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    Help! Intermittent ticking sound

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    2014 S5 Premium Plus. I have an intermittent ticking sound coming from the front at slow speeds... And stops completely when the car comes to a stop. The perplexing thing is that itís a steady sound that does not increase or decrease with engine speed. And stops completely when the car comes to a stop. I have taken it to the Audi dealer 4 separate times over the last two years and they can not find the problem. Even more frustratingly, it happens infrequently, and they could never replicate the sound. I have recorded the sound and posted it on my YouTube channel.

    Please someone help me identify what this sound is.
    Thank you

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    Sounds like something with your a worn out end link bushing or something..seems to go away when u turn which makes me suspicious of the end link where it connects to the shock tower.. I could be out of my mind but if it was me that would be where i'd look..

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