Hello, first post here. I have a 2012 A4 with adaptive HID lights. Just recently they started acting erratically in that they would randomly move up and down, as if they can't seem to figure out where they are aiming. This happens while moving, and even while sitting still. Both lights appear to move together, so it's not isolated to one side. The strange thing here is that when I plugged in the laptop and did a system scan, it does not throw any error codes, so it's difficult to know where to start looking. I figured if something went bad with one of the leveling sensors, it would at least give me an error code. Could it simply be a matter of resetting or doing an adaptation? And if so, can somebody walk me through that process? I found a thread somewhere where somebody did an adaptation, but it was for a B7 A4. The adaptation button is in the "not safe" category so I don't want to screw something up.

Thanks for any help you can provide!