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    Downpipe spacer with restrictive insert

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    Some members have made the claim that an O2 spacer will not prevent CEL occurrences when used in concert with a catless downpipe (for off-road use, naturally). My question is, has anyone tried this (below)? It's a spacer with a restrictive insert.

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    Nice find.... I have not but will order by this weekend. I like the adjustable gas insert.

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    Yes. It won’t work.

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    I can confirm that the vibrant spacer does not work no matter which insert you I used on the catless downpipe I ran for a bit. It would seem to be working then if you get even close to WOT, prepare for the light.

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    How about with sport cats, as opposed to catless?
    Is an insert like this required? If yes, do they work?

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    Has anybody tried a catted o2 spacer? Actually had anybody found a solution that works?


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