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    Incorrect Rebate Applied to Purchase

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    Just joined the Audi family and had a strange situation occur that I could use the forums feedback on. I purchased and financed a 2018 Q5 via AFS and received two rebates, the AFS rebate of 1500 and the Season of Audi rebate of 750, total of 2250. Problem is that I didnt catch the fact that the rebate went up by 500 on Dec 1, the day I actually agreed to purchase the car, the car was delivered on Dec 6. I believe they used the November rebates. Im not suggesting that it was done on purpose or anything else, but it wasnt noticed and I dont know if the dealer realized either. Regardless, I think I should get the correct rebate which for 500 is worth pursuing further.

    Anyone had something similar occur with resolution?

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    Hello Jeff,

    Thanks for reaching out and bringing visibility to this issue with your recently acquired Q5. First of all, we sincerely hope that you are enjoying the vehicle thus far and are very grateful that you joined the Audi family! For this type of issue, it would be best to speak with the sales/finance team at the dealership to determine if the correct incentives were used base on your circumstances. This is an issue that the dealer would have to handle directly as they are responsible for all matters related to the sale of the vehicle. As you mentioned, I believe it is always a good idea to receive feedback from other Audi owners here on the forum. If you have questions however please feel free to send me a PM with more info.

    Thank you,
    Vincenzo F.

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    I only found one small blurb that the discounts were for a 2018 SQ5 $1000 for financial and 1250 for season. 99% of the sites showed a $750 for the season.
    So, it was advertised but not well. My salesperson stated at the get go that it was $2250 and it took awhile for me to figure it out. Discounts apply to the date of paperwork I imagine.


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